tuesdaymusic.com is a Multi-Vendor website providing online store space to sell all kinds of music related products. Our mission is to serve an online community of creative artists, musicians and label entrepreneurs.

What is a Multi-Vendor Website?

In a nutshell, a multi vendor marketplace is a site containing offerings from multiple sellers (vendors, suppliers).

All suppliers pay a commission for selling in the marketplace. They have their own seller accounts where they manage their inventory themselves.

It’s the marketplace operator who processes all transactions. It’s a win-win cooperation, as the multi vendor marketplace website owner gets inventory, and sellers get buyers.

In simple words, starting a multi vendor website is the same as creating a marketplace like Amazon or eBay only in a more focused market niche. 

Multi vendor Business Model

Often, the term eCommerce marketplace is accompanied by the term ‘disruption’ which means changing the traditional way the industry operates. Put simply, under-served markets get served, and over-served markets start delivering a better or cheaper product and better customer experience.

Of course, a virtual marketplace is not the same as a single vendor online store. There are a plenty of differences. With unique business opportunities, a multi seller marketplace operator has a unique opportunity to present undiscovered music products and give them fresh exposure to a growing audience. Over time, a growing customer base will increase sales and awareness for all.

Niche Marketplaces

Niche Marketplaces are usually of small and medium-size due to the product range limitation. But they are true specialists in what they do and can provide a great shopping experience to their buyers. 

Most often, under the term ‘multi vendor marketplace’ we understand a huge online mall where multiple vendors sell physical products of different categories to a wide audience of consumers. The biggest players are eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, Walmart, Jet. These are the so-called ‘one-stop-shops’ selling everything to everyone.

However, today’s trend is niche marketplaces. Such trading platforms unite suppliers that sell goods or services for a specific industry, profession or demographic, i.e., their focus is a single niche, a single category of products, customers or businesses with specific needs. Shop here and support our Indie Music Vendors.

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