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Why You Should Market Your Music On This Site is an online community of Canadian creative artists, musicians and label entrepreneurs who have joined together to sell all kinds of music related products in their own store space.


Are you a musician with a self released album? Do you have your own label with several releases and no major label distribution? Perhaps you have your own website, Facebook or Instagram presence. Do you (or did you before COVID) perform with a band and sell CDs and merchandise at gigs?

Join us and market your music here on a non-exclusive basis. On this site, you will have your own unique store space to display and make available your physical goods like Compact Disks, Vinyl Albums, your own band branded T-Shirts and hats and other music merchandise. You upload your images, set the prices and control all aspects of the marketing with your own Label page.

There is no cost for a Basic Membership plan which allows you to upload up to 5 products. An Artist with just one CD or album is welcome. For each item sold, Tuesday retains a 10% commission. Orders go to directly to you for fulfillment and shipping. The customer pays via our Paypal account and after a holding period (to confirm delivery and allow for errors or refunds), you receive 90% of the selling price of the item sold (less HST for Canadian residents) plus you are reimbursed for the shipping costs paid by the customer.

What Do You Need?

First, you need finished product that is ready to sell – physical items only, no download files.

Second, a PayPal business account that can receive payments in Canadian and optionally in US currency.

For now, you must be based in Canada with a Canadian ‘shipping from’ address.

If you would like to sell your CDs or vinyl albums, you will need high-res images of the cover at 640 x 640 pixels or if a hat or T-Shirt, etc., a photo with someone wearing it. Each item will also need a full description plus a short descriptive excerpt. You will also need an image to use on your store space 1650 x 350 pixels and a logo icon 125 x 125 pixels. If you’re a band, your store image could be a photo of the band. If it’s a shop, a photo of the inside, outside or just a charming photo of you in front.

Think about a 200-300 word description of your album, label or band features. Each item should have a short descriptive 80 word excerpt and a 160 word SEO meta description for search bots like Google & Bing. Don’t hold back, tell everyone about your songs and why they were recorded, recent performances and your most recent successes.

You’ll need the usual necessary info such as street address, phone number, customer support email address and, of course, your business Paypal account email address (where you want payments deposited). If you buy your goods from Canadian suppliers, do you have an HST/GST account? Be prepared to respond personally to your customer queries and support questions.

When you’re ready, take the plunge!

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